Remote Backup Service


Fast. Secure. Remote. Local.

Tezla understands that your data is important. Your data is your business, and the loss of data can be
disastrous for you. In addition to Tezla’s line of technology consulting services and IT Help Desk
functions, we also provide remote backup services to help secure your data in the event of hardware
failure, data corruption, or data loss.
Tezla’s remote backup services utilize high speed internet connections which allow your office to upload
data overnight or during the day at speeds up to 25Mbps! Your servers and computers can upload data
simultaneously, or one at a time. Your computers and servers can be scheduled to backup data at your
Our remote backup system includes a powerful encryption system which is compliant with all major
security standards across all industries. With up to a personal 256bit encryption key, you can safely
store your data remotely knowing that only your personal key will be able to open the files when you
restore them. Tezla’s remote backup system is compliant with encryption standards for HIPAA, PCI,
SOX, and GLBA.
Disasters happen. Fire, flood, and electrical problems are all enemies of computers, servers, and
electronic data. Your best protection against data loss due to these events is to have your data backed
up regularly to an off-site location. Tezla’s off-site data storage provides this remote location for you.
Backup tapes and hard drives that are kept inside the building will be just as likely to fail in the event of
a fire or flood… and most fire-proof safes will not protect digital media (tapes, hard drives, flash media)
in the event of a fire. Keep your data safe, and off-site.
Tezla Group is located in Salisbury, MD. If you need to back up your computer or servers, but have a lot
of data, a remote backup service in another state could take days or weeks to complete a single backup!
With Tezla’s local office, we can assist you with an initial “seed load” which will get your first backup
completed in a fraction of the time. Also, if you ever need to restore your data, it’ll take hours, not days
or weeks to recover your data from our data center.
Contact us for more information:
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