Wireless Network Deployments

Need to cover a large area with wireless service? Perhaps you need to connect two buildings with a high-speed wireless bridge? Or provide guest wireless internet services to guests at your hotel. We do it all.

Installing one or two wireless access points on a network is usually simple - but larger wireless installations add many complexities that have to be considered in order to design a stable, reliable, and predictable wireless network. Tezla employs wireless engineers with years of wireless installation and wireless spectrum analysis experience to provide you with a stable and reliable wireless network.

Whether you're looking for a simple wireless network in your office for a few laptop or tablet users, a complex long-range wireless deployment from island to island, or a custom-designed 3G wireless mobile video surveillance system - Tezla can help you.

Tezla complies with all FCC regulations and standard electrical code for wireless deployments in the United States as well as international regulations where applicable.