Technology Recycling

Are you looking for an IT company that's concerned with what happens after the technology life cycle? Tezla Group provides technology solutions for today and tomorrow, but also keeps in mind what happens next week when technology becomes obsolete. Our company provides IT services and technology solutions to clients to fuel the engine that runs the business, but we're also aware that one day, the same equipment that was required to drive business will become obsolete and reach the end of its technology life cycle. That's why we have developed our "Technology Life Cycle".

The Technology Life Cycle begins with the selection of products and technologies which will best suit the needs of the client, while minimizing the equipment footprint of the installation. Technology has evolved so much in the last 10 years that a single server can provide much more computing power and versatility than before. Server virtualization allows for a single server to act as several different servers at the same time, but only consuming the energy of a single server, and eventually creates the physical waste of a single server, instead of several. Smaller desktop computers and laptops are more energy efficient than ever before, with energy saving power supplies, power throttling processors, and auto-dimming video screens to save electricity. With the tens of thousands of computers, laptops, and servers rolling off of production lines around the world, these crucial features in every computer become essential in the cumulative effort to conserve energy, resources, and protect the valuable environment that we have.

Due to the relatively short life span of the average computer, we see many computers retired from offices each week. Most offices will replace a computer when it no longer meets their needs or becomes too expensive to repair. These computers usually end up in a closet, corner, or collect dust under someone's desk. These computers often have sensitive company information on them as well, which makes getting rid of them a more difficult task. Tezla Group can take these computers, remove the hard drives (where the information lives), and begin the recycling process for the rest of the computer.

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